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Trust Lundscapes to produce video content that showcases and enhances your business and marketing needs - making you stand out from the competition and communicate effectively with your employees, clients and stakeholders.

Our experienced team can cover your:
- Promotional and instructional video and photography

- Shoot and edit material for your website, social media, exhibition stand or at point-of-sale
- Film your annual report presentation or business launch
- Fulfil your freelance camerawork and editing requirements
- Can provide 'wet' hire of our green screen and lighting rig

Our team members are friendly, flexible, perceptive, discreet and able to communicate with people at different levels in an organisation.
Previous clients have praised the high standard of our work, our flexibility, creativity and confidentiality.
The benefits to marketing, sales, internal communication and staff morale have been cited by previous clients.

Every production is different, and our no-obligation quote will reflect your requirements, our expenditure and the estimated time spent filming and editing.

Please visit the official Lundscapes Facebook page here to see some of our short films and other video material plus, catch up with our latest news.


- Keep your requirements at the heart of the process, offering our own advice and guidance
- Be creative, and record and edit with skill, care, creativity and experience.
- Keep you informed of our progress, being open and realistic
- Charge a fair amount for our services, bearing in mind the cost of skilled labour, equipment, repairs, transport, copyright, and other materials


We advise a free no obligation meeting to discuss your requirements in detail. We will provide honest, realistic and impartial advice regarding your proposals, suggesting the best way(s) to realise your vision.If we believe a different approach is advisable - for example, possibly a shorter video - we will say. If we cannot meet your needs, we will tell you.

In some circumstances, where your budget is tight, we might advise using different media instead - for example, instead of moving images, stills with a voiceover.

Once we have discussed your plans, we can quote for our services. Before we start our work, we require all clients to sign an agreement, and for full payment to be made prior.

Sometimes plans change. We aim to be as flexible and sensitive as possible and always always endeavour to accommodate alterations


We will guide you through the process and put you and your colleagues at ease.

We take special care regarding safety, security, and minimising disruption. Our lightweight HD quality equipment, including camera(s), lighting and sound, can be powered by compact batteries alone.

Freelance Camerawork and Equipment Hire

We can provide experienced camera operators on a freelance basis - with or without Lundscapes equipment.

We also offer 'wet' hire - with operator - of our green screen, lighting and circular handheld gold / silver reflector. These are for indoor use only, and equipment must be supervised by one of our team members at all times.

Sorry, but we have no studio facilities to accommodate filming.


The post-production process can take a considerable time to complete, not only because of the volume of footage to copy, review and cut, but as we pride ourselves on doing a thorough, professional job. However, it does depend on the project and our other work. For a commission of video screenshots or photographs, the period may be just a few days, for a large project, many weeks.

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate clients in our edit suite, and can only enter into further editing discussions in exceptional circumstances. However, we work hard to create the video content that you request.

We do not provide copies of original "raw" footage unless specifically contracted to do so - ie. freelance camerawork

Finished Production

Lundscapes videos are normally provided on USB stick or via a download. CD-ROM, DVD and Blu-ray are also available.

How Much Will It Cost and How Can I Pay?

This really depends on your individual project. There are many factors, such as our preparation and planning time, filming and post-production / editing. Hiring extra equipment or a presenter / voice-over artist from an external source. We do have our own voice-over talent though! (see our page)

There is an additional charge for travel over 20 miles from our Bedford base.

We accept payment by cash sterling (GBP), cheque and BACS bank transfer.

Find Out More / Seek Advice / Ask for a Quote

We would be very pleased to hear from you. Please email our friendly team for further information, guidance, a no-obligation quote or to arrange an informal meeting:

Our email address is:

mail @

or via the message facility on our Facebook page

We aim to reply within 24 hours. If you have not heard back within several days please email again, as your message may not have reached us.

Please mention how you heard about Lundscapes!

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A lady operates a shoulder-mounted video camera with a fence and leaves behind
A Lundscapes camerawoman

Lundscapes editing timeline featuring footage of a train and passengers waiting to board
A section of the editing timeline for a video about rail travel

Lundscapes editing timeline with thumbnails of footage shown
Part of an edit timeline for a client's video
A camera films a man playing an authentic design of Anglo-Saxon harp
Making a video with a client, an Anglo-Saxon re-enactor playing a period harp in front of our green screen. The green is replaced by another background in editing.
Lundscapes photograph of our client, as seen through the strings of his harp!
A Saxon reenactor plays a period harp
A screen shot from the finished video, with the green screen replaced by footage of a recreated Saxon dwelling
"[the video] is absolutely excellent!
If it doesn’t produce any interest... nothing will!
It is a splendid demonstration of your work"

Client feedback

"A brilliant video – thanks very much!!"

Client Feedback

"The video was made so 'smoothly'. Everything flowed seamlessly, the voice projection was clear and pleasing to the ear. The images fade in and out very smoothly and timely. A brilliant piece of work. Congratulations!"

Client Feedback

"Lundscapes are creative, supportive, professional and produce work of an excellent standard. I have no hesitation in recommending the team to you"

Client feedback

Star Wars character, Darth Vader, posing with one of the Lundscapes team!
Liaising with a potential client?! Actually, a picture of one of our team - on the right (!) - at the annual BVE video production trade fair in London