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A LUNDSCAPES production is much more than just a record of a day. It is a high quality video that, we hope, will give you great pleasure and be treasured.

Previous clients have said how glad they are to have chosen a video for their special day - some have even organised parties to show their DVD to a wider audience!

Whilst a favourite uncle, aunt, friend or colleague may offer to film for free - and might be fairly adept at videoing - nothing beats a professional job. If this is truly one of the most important days of your - or another's - life, allow your friend or relative to enjoy the event, and trust the experts from our experienced team to cover your:

- Wedding or civil partnership
- Christening or naming ceremony
- Birthday
- Anniversary celebration
- Family get-together
- Reunion
- Amateur theatrical production or other live event
- Record of daily family life (a video or perhaps just screengrabs from our footage)

If you want to improve your own video or photographic skills and knowledge, Lundscapes can also provide bespoke advice, tuition and training to help you (see our training page here).

We will...

- Tailor the production to your requirements, and plan with you and key people connected to your event

- Record your special event with skill, care and creativity, and as discreetly and unobtrusively as possible

- Keep your wishes at the heart of the editing process, mixing creativity and our experience

- Depending on the event, typically produce a video of highlights between 20 and 70 minutes in length

- Keep you informed of our progress before and after the filming, being open, realistic, flexible, friendly and sensitive

- Charge a fair amount for our services, bearing in mind the skilled labour, equipment, transport, copyright and other costs

- Respect your confidentiality and never use material for publicity or other purposes without permission

- For tuition, we can either plan a structured session or simply provide answers to your questions. If we don't know something, we will say so

In addition, we...

- Can use your favourite music in the finished film

- Include a selection of at least fifty still video images from our footage on USB stick or CD-ROM

But we do...

- Need you to sign our terms and conditions * before we start our preparatory work

- Require full payment to be made when signing the above (refund or part-refund possible if within agreed timescales)

* Our contracts keep things simple, straightforward and fair, and are a record of what has been agreed. It is a formal, tailored document, featuring many of the points outlined on this page.


Prior to your event, we advise a free, no obligation, meeting to discuss your requirements in detail. If you prefer, this can be via email or phone.

We will provide a quote, by email or in person, and some paperwork for you to browse.

Our expenses include our materials, insurance, travel and electricity, copyright clearance, administration and marketing plus the cost, maintenance and renewal of our equipment, and, of course, the skilled labour. We advise using two people to film a large event, such as a wedding. It is worth remembering that a typical video will take many hours to edit. However, at the end of the process you will have a professionally-made, bespoke video of your special event.

Every event is unique, with its own schedule, timings and demands, therefore, all our productions are bespoke.

It is important to note that, in most circumstances, a finished Lundscapes video will take the form of edited highlights, depending on the event. Our reasoning is fourfold - it is more concise, watchable, will cost you less and, if under an hour, will fit on to a single DVD disc in the best quality (alternatively, we can output to a USB pen drive).

However, if, for example, you simply required a series of still images, these could be taken by a single videographer. Later, screen grabs would be taken from our footage. Post-production time would be significantly shorter than an edited video - indeed the package would probably be cheaper than a typical wedding photographer!

If your the budget is an issue, have you thought of adding a video to your list of potential gifts to be paid or part-paid by relatives or friends?

We ask for a 10 per cent deposit to reserve a date(s). The balance is due, with a signed contract, accepting our terms and conditions, no less than three months from the date of your event. Once you have signed and paid in full, we can start our work, contacting others involved in your event - such as the vicar, location owner and live band - to confirm permission for our filming.

Our diary does get booked many months in advance, so please do contact us as soon as possible, in order to avoid disappointment.

We accept payment by cash sterling (GBP), cheque and BACS bank transfer


Ideally, we would like to be present at your rehearsal, run-through and / or to inspect the venue ahead - this will greatly assist with our planning, for example, regarding camera positions and sound. Additionally, other issues and potential problems can be discussed and ironed-out.


We normally use at least two high definition video cameras. Our equipment is small and lightweight, in order to be as unobtrusive as possible. Usually, we do not require additional microphones, lighting or a mains power supply.

We will not interrupt your proceedings for filming purposes or to "stage" any scenes but instead use our experience to capture the action naturally. However, we do require your co-operation in giving advance cues when certain elements will occur - such as anniversary or wedding speeches.

We will work with your photographer and other event staff to showcase your day at its best, and take footage of as many of your guests as possible. Past clients have praised us for our unobtrusiveness, flexibility and sensitivity during their big day.

Many enquiries relate to wedding ceremonies or civil partnerships.

For simplicity, we have divided such a day into four elements. We can cover as many parts as you require (minimum two hours attendance for filming):

1. Bride's preparations
Typically including shots of hair and make-up being adjusted, the dress / outfit, any photographs taken (but not including the departure to the church)

2. Church, registry office or other venue
Guests arriving, the service * (if permission given), photographs being taken, mingling of guests, confetti and couple's departure.

3. Wedding Breakfast
Video clips of welcome drinks, mingling, the "line-up", photographs being taken, some footage of the meal and venue, with the speeches featured too * Also, the cutting of the cake (if occurs at this time)

4. Evening Reception
Cutting the cake (if not above), evening buffet, mingling, first dance, clips of disco or live music for around 10 minutes after the first dance ends

* Unless specifically agreed ahead, the video will feature highlights of your event and, for timing purposes, a wedding service and speeches will be shorter in length in the finished video. All editing is undertaken sensitively, to include the key moments and provide a flavour of the content as a whole.


Our editing process takes a considerable time to complete - much longer than most people think - and our schedule will also depend on our other ongoing projects. We advise a minimum of two to three weeks from the date of recording.

Editing is time-consuming, not only because of the volume of footage to transfer to our editing system, review and then cut, but also as we pride ourselves on doing a precise, thorough, professional job.

Lundscapes uses the industry-level computer editing program, Final Cut Pro.

Usually, the finished video will be between 20 and 70 minutes in duration, with periods of your music mixed with the recorded sound - based upon the requirements and preferences previously discussed.

A longer or shorter video, or an extra highlights "extra" - for example, five minutes featuring clips from the whole day, can be arranged, and costs will vary accordingly.

At the planning stage, we will ask for a list of your favourite music - we will edit some of the footage to a selection of the tunes.

Please note - we can only use Lundscapes footage and stills in our videos.

Unfortunately, we cannot accomodate clients in our edit suite or enter into further editing discussions once we have finished the video (unless as a new order). However, we work hard to create the video that you request.

Finished Production

As stated, Lundscapes videos are either "burned" to quality discs or provided on a USB memory stick pen drive.

In the unlikely event of a technical problem, we will replace the media, covering all postage costs, as necessary.

We print directly on to the disc, and the finished work is provided in a DVD presentation case, included in the price.

Finished copies are delivered in person or dispatched by registered first class post to UK addresses.

Further copies can be obtained for a fee - for the duplicate programme, the disc, printing and postage within the UK.

Client confidentiality is very important to us. Your video might contain private or sensitive information. Lundscapes will never divulge such details to a third party without your permission

If you give us permission, we may use footage and / or stills in our publicity. For this, we offer a discount on our price and / or further copies of your DVD video.

Recommend us to a Friend

If they make a booking, we will give you both 20 worth of John Lewis / Waitrose or Marks and Spencer vouchers (payment is made after the second work is completed)

Re-book with us within two years and recieve a 10 per cent discount.

The Small Print

We require all our clients to sign to accept our terms and conditions prior to us commencing work.

For example, we expect you to:

- Provide a deposit of 10 per cent to reserve your date in our diary

- Pay the balance no less than three months from the event date - Make full payment before we start our main work

- Keep us informed of major changes in your planning

- Co-operate with us during the event - giving us prior notice of, for example, wedding speeches

- Liaise with your guests to make sure they know there will be videography at the event

- Respect the copyright of our finished production

- Sadly, we cannot provide copies of any original "raw" footage, which we will normally only keep for six months following recording (copies of completed programmes can be kept by us at no extra charge)

Cancellation, Postponement and Changes

Sometimes plans change. We aim to be as flexible and sensitive as possible and always always endeavour to accommodate alterations.

If you have signed our contract for a full video production, and you subsequently cancel our services (or we cannot accommodate a major change), to be fair we may deduct some of the fee paid to us. This will be because we have turned down other projects in order to work on your commission.

Whilst we endeavour to provide the services agreed, there are circumstances that may disrupt or prevent this occuring. These include revocation of permissions and lack of co-operation. In this case, we will do the best we can to record and edit footage but cannot offer a refund or discount

In exceptional circumstances, such as a medical emergency, extreme weather, severe transport problems, and if we cannot make an event, we will attempt to arrange a replacement service or give you a full or part-refund, depending on whether we have been able to film or not

Find Out More / Seek Advice / Ask for a Quote

We would be very pleased to hear from you. Please email our friendly team for further information, guidance, a no-obligation quote or to arrange an informal meeting:

Our email address is:

mail @

or via the message facility on our Facebook page

We aim to reply within 36 hours. If you have not heard back within several days please email again, as your first message may not have reached us.

Please mention how you heard about Lundscapes!

Don't forget to visit our official Facebook page here and "Like" and "Share" our content!

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Close-up of a bride shown outside a church, after her service
Lundscapes image of the beautiful bride at a wedding

A husband and wife enjoy their special day
Happy golden wedding memories, courtesy of a Lundscapes video

Four people sing and play music inside a marquee at a golden wedding event
A little ditty, written especially for the big day!

Back view of a Lundscapes camerawoman busy filming
A Lundscapes camerawoman busy videoing

"We pride ourselves
on doing a precise,
professional job"

Small video camera resting on an old wall, with a formal garden behind
Compact Lundscapes Video Production camera at Rockingham Castle, Northamptonshire, during a day of filming

Lundscapes cameraman filming in a churchyard
Filming prior to a wedding, at a church in North Bedfordshire

Close-up of a crocus
Lundscapes photograph of Christening flowers

A Lundscapes cameraman operates a video camera
Lundscapes on-location in a Cambridge park

A white limousine parked outside a building, as seen through some trees and across grass
Lundscapes photo taken at a Bedford Registry Office wedding

"We weren't going to have a wedding video - we'd ruled it out. Now, seeing the DVD, we feel it is one of the best things we paid for. We have enjoyed it so much! Thank you!"

Client feedback

A Lundscapes cameraman with a wedding breakfast set behind
Filming a wedding breakfast room before the bride and groom enter

A family group relax under a Monkey Puzzle tree
A family group relax in the summer heat

Close-up of a pink gerbera
Lundscapes close-up of a wedding gerbera flower

A girl and a lady laugh as they open a box of petits fours
Laughter at a family event - a moment that our clients weren't able to see at the time but that, via our video, gave great pleasure afterwards!

Looking through and stone opening to Salisbury Cathedral
Lundscapes photograph of Salisbury Cathedral

Close-up of montbretia
Showcasing montbretia in a client's garden

Photo of a camera pointed at a decorated church ceiling
Recording attractive church interior details in Shillington, Bedfordshire

Spring flowers above the doorway to a church
Wedding flowers, as filmed by Lundscapes Video Production

Two men and a lady in a wheelchair, eating ice creams, with a springer spaniel on his hind legs, looking over a wall to the sea
A screenshot from Lundscapes footage filmed in Westward Ho!, Devon, and used in our demonstration film 'Jewels of the South West'