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- always work with skill, care, creativity and sensitivity.

- are unobtrusive and won't interrupt your event, but utilise our experience to capture action naturally.

- normally use two or more camera operators.

- can produce a video of the length you require.

In addition...

- Charges cover our many expenses and the skilled labour.

- Editing usually takes far longer than filming, and is therefore the more costly part overall.

- We deliver most videos on USB stick or as a download.

- After seeing the results, our videos are often cited as the most important thing ordered for a wedding day!

- Purchasing an event video makes a great present idea!

- Before we begin preparations, we will sign a contract with you - confirming what has been agreed. Full payment is due at this stage.

- We like to recce the venue(s) ahead and, if possible, meet you before filming.

- If the location is more than 20 miles from our Bedford base, there is an extra charge for travel.

- We are popular and get booked up well in advance!

- Contact us at


In-Depth Read

Friendly - Reliable - Experienced - Perceptive

A LUNDSCAPES film is much more than just a record of a day. It is a high quality production, full of precious memories that, we hope, will give you great pleasure and be treasured.

Previous clients have said how glad they are to have chosen a video for their special day - some have even organised parties to show their film to a wider audience! It is a great investment!

Whilst a favourite uncle, aunt, friend or colleague may offer to film your event for free - and might be quite adept at videoing - a professional job will always be so much better.
If this truly is one of the most important days of your - or another's - life, let your friend or relative enjoy the event as a guest, and trust the experts from our experienced team to cover your:

- Wedding or civil partnership
- Christening or naming ceremony
- Birthday party
- Anniversary celebration
- Family get-together
- Reunion
- Club get-together
- Live event
- Pet or pets at play!
- Record of daily family life

We can make a video to suit your requirements and budget - from a short film to a longer production - using your favourite music, if you like.

We will record your special event with skill, care and creativity, and as discreetly and unobtrusively as possible - keeping your wishes at the heart of the process.

We'll be realistic, flexible, friendly and sensitive, and charge a fair amount for our services - bearing in mind the skilled labour, equipment, transport, copyright and other costs. We do ask that you sign our terms and conditions before we start planning, and pay for your video at this point. Our contracts keep things simple, straightforward and fair. It is a record of what has been agreed, and features many of the points on this page.

Our diary does get booked up many months in advance, so please do contact us as soon as possible, in order to avoid disappointment.


We advise a free, no obligation, meeting to discuss your requirements. If you prefer, this can be by email, phone, Skype or Facetime. We can then quote you for our services (see terms and conditions below)

Our expenses include our materials, insurance, travel * and electricity, copyright clearance, administration, plus the cost, maintenance and renewal of our equipment, and, of course, the skilled labour involved.

* There will be an additional charge if the event is more that 20 miles from our Bedford base.

We advise using two people to record a large event, such as a wedding. It is worth remembering that a typical video will take many more hours to edit than film. However, at the end of the process you will have a unique, professionally made video of your special event.

The length of your video is up to you. For a wedding, the majority of our clients opt for a programme of edited highlights around 30-50 minutes. However, you could always choose a short film - say 15-20 minutes or a longer production. We can also make an additional short version - for example, five minutes of highlights.

If your budget is tight, have you thought of adding a video to your list of potential gifts to be paid or part-paid by relatives or friends?

Ideally, we would like to be present at your rehearsal, run-through and / or to inspect the venue ahead - this will really assist with our planning, for example, regarding camera positions and sound. Additionally, other issues and potential problems can be discussed and ironed-out.


We normally use at least two high definition video cameras. Our equipment is small and lightweight, in order to be as unobtrusive as possible. Usually, we do not require additional microphones, lighting or a mains power supply.

We will not interrupt your proceedings for filming purposes or to "stage" any scenes but instead use our experience to capture the action naturally. However, we do require your co-operation in giving advance cues when certain elements will occur - such as speeches or cutting a cake.

We will work with your photographer and other event staff to showcase your day at its best. If something changes, beforehand or on the day, we will be as adaptable as possible.

Past clients have praised us for our unobtrusiveness, flexibility and sensitivity during their big day.

Wedding ceremonies

We can film some or all of...

1. Bride's preparations
Typically including shots of hair and make-up being adjusted, the dress / outfit, photographs taken.

2. Church, registry office or other venue
Guests arriving, the service * (if permission given), photographs being taken, mingling of guests, confetti and couple's departure.

3. Wedding Breakfast
Video clips of welcome drinks, mingling, the "line-up", photographs being taken, some footage of the meal and venue, with the speeches featured too * Also, the cutting of the cake (if occurs at this time).

4. Evening Reception
Cutting the cake (if not above), some footage of the evening buffet, mingling, the first dance.

* Unless specifically agreed ahead, the video will feature highlights of your day and thus, for timing purposes, a wedding service and speeches will be shorter in length in the finished video. All editing is undertaken sensitively, to include the key moments and provide a flavour of the content as a whole.


Our editing process takes a considerable time to complete, and our schedule will also depend on our other ongoing projects. Your video will normally be ready in three to four weeks from the date of recording.

Editing is time-consuming, not only because of the volume of footage to transfer to our editing system, review and then cut, but also as we pride ourselves on doing a precise, thorough, professional job.

Please note - we can only use Lundscapes footage and stills in our videos, cannot accomodate clients in our edit suite, and are unable to enter into further editing discussions once we have finished the video (unless as a new order). However, we work hard to create the video that you request.

Finished Production

Most clients request that their finished film be presented on a USB stick / pen / flash drive. This flexible media format also allows you to enjoy the full High Definition picture quality. The same is true for online delivery - for example, via Dropbox or OneDrive. Alternatively, we can create a standard DVD or Blu-ray disc.

The Small Print

We aim to be as fair, flexible and sensitive as possible. We would like you to be as delighted with the process as your finished film!

All clients must sign to accept our terms and conditions, and also submit full payment prior to us beginning our planning work.

Also included is information about your right to cancel, what happens if your plans change or if, in an emergency, we are unable to provide our services.

Find Out More / Seek Advice / Ask for a Quote

We would be very pleased to hear from you. Please email our friendly team for further information, guidance, a no-obligation bespoke quote or to arrange an informal meeting:

Our email address is:

or via the message facility on our Facebook

We aim to reply within 24 hours. If you have not heard back within several days please email again, as your first message may not have reached us.

Please mention how you heard about Lundscapes!

Don't forget to visit our official Facebook page here and like and share our content!

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A happy groom and his bride at the altar
The happy couple - as recorded by Lundscapes

Confetti is thrown over a newly marired couple
Leaving the church!

A husband and wife enjoy their special day
Happy golden wedding memories from Lundscapes!

A Lundscapes cameraman films a wedding car as it departs from the church
A Lundscapes cameraman records a couple's departure

Lundscapes cameraman filming in a churchyard
One of our cameramen films candid shots

"We pride ourselves
on doing a precise,
thorough and
professional job"

Four people sing and play music inside a marquee at a golden wedding event
A little ditty, written especially for the big day!

"We were both very pleased with what you managed to achieve and you captured the atmosphere of the day perfectly. It was especially nice for us to see how happy everyone was and what a good time we were all having because we were too busy circulating to see many of the moments as they happened. ...Your video will be played many times to remind us of the day (we still keep smiling at the many memories)"

Client feedback

Close-up of a bride shown outside a church, after her service
A Lundscapes photograph

Have you thought of adding a wedding video to your list of potential gifts to be paid or part-paid by relatives or friends?

Close-up of a pink gerbera
Lundscapes picture of a wedding gerbera

A couple progress down the aisle together
A still from Lundscapes video footage.

"We weren't going to have a wedding video - we'd ruled it out. Now, seeing the result, we feel it is one of the best things we chose! We have enjoyed it so much! Thank you!"

Client feedback

A Lundscapes cameraman films outside a church
Unobtrusively filming after a wedding

A vicar jokes with a Lundscapes cameraman at a wedding rehearsal
The vicar jokes with our cameraman during an amusing wedding rehearsal!

"We have just sat down and watched the videos and WOW we are absolutely blown away!!!! Honestly thank you so much they are incredible!"

Client feedback

A girl and a lady laugh as they open a box of petits fours
A moment that our clients weren't able to see at the time but that, via our video, gave great pleasure afterwards!