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THE LUNDSCAPES Video Production team are very proud and pleased with the wonderful feedback we continue to receive!

A big thank you to all our many clients, friends and supporters for your wonderful words and support.

We are always delighted to receive questions - and also suggestions too!

Here is a selection of comments about us, our videos and website, from clients and viewers to the free-to-view content on our Facebook page (available here)

"I really enjoyed the video of Clovelly... you've captured it beautifully"
Roger Bunce, former BBC Television studio cameraman
(over 40 years service)

"We weren't going to have a wedding video - we'd ruled it out. Now, seeing the DVD, we feel it is one of the best things we paid for. We have enjoyed it so much! Thank you!"
SB and RB, Bedfordshire

"Lundscapes are creative, supportive, professional and produce work of an excellent standard. I have no hesitation in recommending you"
AB, Northampton

"Wow! A lot of thought and effort has gone into your website..."
MD, Kettering, Northamptonshire

"Very professional video. I can't fault it!"
PH, Kempston, Bedfordshire

"Lovely video capturing the atmosphere and scenery of our Embankment..."

"Had to share...... it's beautiful"

"Absolutely exquisite..."

"Such a lovely feel good movie, love the music too..."

"Thatís very nicely put together, well done!"

"Iíve just watched your video and really loved it, especially as this summer I enjoyed a river trip on the John Bunyan boat and saw many of the scenes you captured so beautifully. The music really made it special"
LS, Bedfordshire

That is really wonderful... It is beautiful... I could look at it over and over Ė it is so peaceful. Well done!"
JC-J, Bedford

"That's a lovely, atmospheric video, and the music works so well with it! Congratulations on such a superb production!"
CP, Fife

"Muy bueno ! Igual a los antiguos tiempos !"
("Very good! Just like the old times!")


"We were both very pleased with what you managed to achieve and you captured the atmosphere of the day perfectly. It was especially nice for us to see how happy everyone was and what a good time we were all having because we were too busy circulating to see many of the moments as they happened. ...Your video will be played many times to remind us of the day (we still keep smiling at the many memories)"
MK and GK, Kempston, Bedfordshire

"This is a lovely reminder for anyone who has visited or even lived in Bedford"

"Your video has nice carefully composed shots"

"This is a lovely video to promote Bedford"
PH, Bedford

"Fantastic video!"
JH, Kempston, Bedfordshire

"I just watched The Embankment in Bedford-video and it's really beautiful."
∆řB, Iceland

TG showed our free-to-view video, 'The Embankment in Bedford', to a 93-year-old relative in the USA. The nonagenarian left Bedford aged 25 and returned to the town only once, aged 70.
"...So this was a real treat for her. She so enjoyed it. Thank you for making such a wonderful production ...she was oooing and awing the whole time.. she remembers it well"


We received lovely feedback from volunteers of the Bedford Talking Newspaper for the Blind - Bedford and District Audio News (BDAN) about our short advert for the charity...

"A brilliant video Ė thanks very much!! have produced a very professional and concise account of BDAN"
DM, Chairman

"The video was made so 'smoothly'. Everything flowed seamlessly, the voice projection was clear and pleasing to the ear. The images fade in and out very smoothly and timely. A brilliant piece of work. Congratulations!"
KT, Publicity Officer

"It is absolutely excellent! If it doesnít produce any interest in BDAN, nothing will! It is a splendid demonstration of your work"
SE, Senior Technican and Recordist

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Buttermarket, as seen through the trees, with a man sitting - with his back to the camera - in the foreground
Screenshot from our short video, 'A Visit to Harrold' (Bedfordshire)

View down the narrow main street at Clovelly with the sea in the distance
Screenshot from 'Beautiful Clovelly', which was 'shared' and 'retweeted' by the village press office!

Red, orange and yellow flower beds
Screenshot from our popular video, 'The Embankment in Bedford'

Canal boat pictured on the Great Ouse in Bedford
The crew of the Bedford Community Boat give a wave to Lundscapes!

Lundscapes cameraman pictured holding to '99'ers'!
Ice creams for the crew during a break in location filming!

Two gentlemen pour champagne for a lady in a marquee
Charging the glasses at a party filmed by Lundscapes

A view of what a camera is recording - pink blossom
Recording in a client's garden

Close-up of holly and berries
From a client's video, showcasing their lovely plants

View looking along the Embankment in Bedford, with trees in leaf, and the Great Ouse river
Screenshot from Lundscapes footage taken in Bedford

A view along Market Street, Appledore, with shoppers and bunting
A screen grab from our popular video 'Beautiful Appledore'