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As well as making videos, we offer our production expertise for one-to-one, group training and team-building sessions.

Lundscapes training is given by friendly, caring, approachable, knowledgeable professionals. Input is bespoke and tailored to suit needs and abilities.

We can provide general support or more structured sessions - from an hour (our minimum) through to day-long work.

We offer:

- One-to-one help - perhaps, with the aim of increasing your confidence with a domestic camcorder. We want you to be able to make better videos, and it gives us pleasure to help you!

- A talk to a group - for example, Women's Institute or the University of the Third Age (U3A)

- Advice for job-seekers looking to get in to the media, broadcasting and video production area or do a course of study in the field

- Input for a group of amateur or aspiring film-makers

- Team-bonding involving video production and role-play

Depending on your requirements, we aim for our training to be:

- relaxed, fun and interactive

- memorable!

- focus on 'learning by doing'

- build confidence and familiarity with production techniques and correct terminology

And in a business environment, help team-bonding and promote a team-ethic

Training / input could include:

- Assistance with participant camcorders or editing *

- Hands-on experience with Lundscapes equipment

- Making a short one or two-minute comedy drama film, using basic costumes and props

- A review of material participants have previously filmed **

- Powerpoint presentation(s)

- Input on better camerawork, sound recording and editing techniques *

- Question and answer session

- Advice on the marketing of video and web material

- Tips on better stills or mobile phone photography

* Whilst we can provide advice on editing, we cannot accommodate guests in our own suite. We can, however, provide guidance in a client's edit room or place of work

** An edited version of content recorded during training can be provided on DVD or USB pen drive within an agreed timescale, although sadly not on the day itself. However, an 'in-camera' / 'as recorded' unedited version might suffice - the team-building being the key aspect rather than technical perfection


Our rates are fair and affordable, and our input makes a great birthday, anniversary, retirement or Christmas present!

Please note, if your input requires additional pre-production or editing afterwards, there is a further cost per hour.

At our discretion, we may waive the fee for a voluntary charity or community group, such as the Women's Institute or U3A. If so, a contribution towards expenses would be much appreciated

Our costs do not include handouts, DVD discs, venue hire, lunch and drinks. In the case of location and refreshments, we normally expect the client to organise and provide these for attendees and our team member(s)

Find Out More / Seek Advice / Ask for a Quote

We would be very pleased to hear from you. Please email our friendly team for further information, guidance, a no-obligation quote or to arrange an informal meeting:

Our email address is:

mail @

or via the message facility on our Facebook page

We aim to reply within 36 hours. If you have not heard back within several days please email again, as your first message may not have reached us.

Please mention how you heard about Lundscapes!

Don't forget to visit our official Facebook page here and "Like" and "Share" our content!

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A gentleman and two ladies pictured receiving training on camera use on location
'In-the-field' tuition - three amateur film-makers are helped by a member of the Lundscapes crew, on-location at Colmworth and North Beds. Golf Club

Photo used by kind permission of Jackie Horn

Three ladies at a table out-of-focus with the view through a camera - shown on an LCD screen - in focus in the foreground
Amateur film-makers prior to shooting a scene for their video drama. For this training input, the group had the benefit of using Lundscapes' professional equipment. Location: Frosts Garden Centre, Willington, Bedfordshire

A lady holding a palmcorder by the river in Bedford
A student learning how to make better home videos, under Lundscapes supervision, filming footage of the river in Bedford

A camera records couples dancing across a white bridge
Lundscapes equipment records shots for an amateur film, featuring couples dancing in Bedford

Five couples pictured dancing
A screengrab from footage of the same scene

Two ladies laughing as they enjoy a Gallopers fairground ride
Another scene from the video, filmed by a Lundscapes cameraman - laughter on The Gallopers! Recorded at Bedford's Christmas fayre

A camera films four people seated around a table
Lundscapes equipment recording a promotional video for a local Talking Newspaper for the Blind charity