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For all your voice-over requirements, trust LUNDSCAPES' own vocal talent to fulfil your needs!

Does your business require fresh new telephone answering service messages?

Are you a production company requiring a clear, natural voice-over for your video or a particular accent for your advert?

You may need a friendly 'Voice of God' for an event or performance.

Does your radio station or audio service require a reliable relief presenter?

Do you or your staff require help with presentation skills?

Are you an e-games developer looking for a new voice?

Whether you require narration for a promotional or training video, point-of-sale message, film narration, theatre or concert venue announcements a refresh of your telephone answering messages or voice acting for an advert, James can help communicate your message clearly and effectively, and with veracity and warmth.


As well as being one of our cameramen and editors, he has presented in front of camera, and provided voice-overs, since the age of 15! As a teenager, he enjoyed making videos at home, and also attended a school with its own campus television station! As you can imagine, James was very much involved!

Fellow students and staff also turned to James with voice-over requests whilst he was studying at college!

He is a former presenter in the Higher Education sector, reader with a local Talking Newspaper for the Blind charity, and announcer at various short-term community radio stations. Among his interests is broadcasting nostalgia, and he has written articles on the subject.

Voice type:

British / English / 30s - 40s

- Relaxed conversational

- Received Pronunciation (RP)

- Hard and soft sell

- Various regional accents

- Voice acting / characters

Listen to James' current voicereel by clicking here

The Process

Initial discussions will help James gain a thorough understanding of your project. Some commissions feature just a few paragraphs or sentences, and require little or only modest preparation. However, for a longer script, extra time will be required for James to read through and 'mark up' his copy of the text. We charge a small per-half-hour fee for such work.

James can record using Lundscapes' equipment - either on his own or with direction from you via telephone or Skype. Sadly, we cannot accommodate guests in our own edit suite / voice-over area

If you have the necessary recording equipment or wish James to attend a different studio or location, he is happy to to travel. If the venue is over 25 miles from Bedford, UK, there may be an extra charge for transport costs

If James is working without realtime client direction, he will require advance information regarding, for example, tricky or unusual pronunciations! Local or foreign words, together with specific technical terms relevant to the commission, will need to be discussed too. Please note: re-recording will require an extra charge.

The completed work - either finished edited clips or the raw recordings - can be supplied via email or Dropbox (usually mp3 or WAV format) or by post (CD or USB stick)

Copyright in all finished recordings will rest with you.

Client confidentiality is very important to us. Your request may be for James to voice an internal company video - possibly containing sensitive information. James / Lundscapes will never divulge such confidential details to a third party without your permission.

Past clients have praised James' flexibility, ability to keep things simple, his professionalism, helpful nature, calmness and, of course, his voice!


Each commission is different and unique. We will price to your requirements, being honest and realistic, based on the information that you provide. Our no obligation quote will also depend on whether James uses Lundscapes' equipment or not, and how much preparation time is required.

Whether a very small job or an extensive commission, do get in touch as soon as possible, as James's diary does fill up quickly!

Find Out More / Seek Advice / Ask for a Quote

We would be very pleased to hear from you. Please email our friendly team for further information, guidance, a no-obligation quote or to arrange an informal meeting:

Our email address is:

mail @

or via the message facility on our Facebook page

We aim to reply within 36 hours. If you have not heard back within several days please email again, as your first message may not have reached us.

Please mention how you heard about Lundscapes!

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James with headphones on and script in hand
Confident, experienced, adaptable, flexible, perceptive and friendly - Lundscapes' very own voice-over chap, James!

A smiling James, standing, with a microphone to the left
Recording at a client's facility. From a serious script to a cartoon character, live 'Voice of God' announcements to phone tree answering messages - James can help!

"James impressed us with his professionalism and attention to detail. His suggestions regarding our script were also very helpful. The end result was just what we wanted"

Client at the University of Northampton

James pictured with two colleagues in a studio
Pictured with colleagues at a community radio station. James researched and voiced bulletins of travel, city & finance and weather news, as well as presenting a music programme

James sitting behind a stand, with a script in front of him
James prepares to record a series of 'on-hold' telephone messages at the University of Northampton

James reads a script as a gentleman records using a mixing desk and computer

James sitting behind a stand, with a script in front of him

James sitting behind a stand, with a script in front of him
Recording for Bedford's Talking Newspaper magazine programme. James has been a volunteer reader since 2002

James wearing headphones and at the microphone
Our voice artist busy newsreading for local community radio